Thursday, September 1, 2011

3rd Years Anniversary

On call with my dear just now. Seriously I miss him a lot *sigh. Huhu. My dear baru balik ke Sibu pagi tadi. We have a great time together during this holiday. We do a lot together, watching movie, playing bowling, picnic, shopping, cooking & a lot lah. Anniversary tahun ni memang special lah bagi ku. Sebab sekali lagi aku dapat celebrate anniversary ni dengan dia. 3 tahun dah, memang tak terasa. Nasib dia dapat balik ke Kuching. I'm not going to celebrate this day alone! So sad kan, macam last Valentine's. Thanks God lah, celebration anniversary kita berdua tahun ni berjalan dengan lancar. Masa Annivesary eve, me & dear sempat pegi picnic dekat Pasir Pandak with my family. Nak tengok sunset kata kan. Hehe. We really had a great time together as a family! awwwwww :)

Ya lah kan, plan nak tengok sunset. Tapi sunset tak turun2, last2 tengok laut je lah. Hehe :)

Nah dear, beer! hehe

29 August 2011, Me & Arthur dear celebrate our 3rd anniversary dekat Pinoy, cafe yang hidangan kan Philippine cuisine. Memang terbaekk. Romantik sangat dinner malam tu. Thanks my dear hubby, I love you more and more :)

him. my love. my dear. my hubby. my loves one.

At Pinoy Fiesta Ihaw Ihaw Grill & Cafe. Perfect place for our 3rd years anniversary dinner.

After having dinner, we watching "Final Destination 5" at MBO, The Spring. I thing that is the most unromantic movie to watch during anniversary, kan? Haha! Tp memang have fun lah that night, because we can spent the whole day together :) Forget to tell, the night before, we went to The Curve, watching live band. Aduh, baru tonight I remember I forgot to upload our picture during that night and during playing bowling. That picture still kat my mom camera lah. Later I upload ok? Hehe! Do remind me, babo already! LOL

baru upload (2nd Sept) hehe

Orang terer main bowling..hehe

What else? Hehe. Ok2. The best part is, I met Arthur's family yesterday! At The Spring. Malu nya. Especially when I met Arthur's mom. Then, everything was ok lah. We go shopping, then abang Arthur, Walter spon makan dekat Kenny Roger's. We had lunch together, for the first time! Gosh, best nya! After 3 year, finally! Hehe!

Last night, me sempat bertemu dengan Arthur for a minutes before mereka balik ke Sibu. Arthur pick me up at 10pm, have a drink sekejap, berbual2, take picture (sempat..huhu), hug2 then I have to let him go. *sad. Huhu~ cry. I miss him :(

Even thought masa bersama dengan Arthur sekejap saja, tapi banyak memory kami bersama yang buat aku makin sayang dengan Arthur & impossible untuk aku lupakan or menjadi alasan untuk mencari penganti semasa kami berjauhan kelak. All i wish is our relationship will have no ends, bahagia, kekal selamanya. God bless us. I miss him, I love him. I love you Arthur Nyelang Moses. Thanks dear for loving me. I'm blessed for having you in my life. Love u, Arthur dear. :)

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